Candy Apple Pin Cheat + MAJOR BLOG UPDATE!!!

Posted: July 1, 2010 in Cheats, Coming Soon, News

Hey gang!

The new secret pin was just released today! And this time it’s a candy apple pin!!

Here’s how to get it:

1. Go to the Forest

2.  Waddle down to your bottom-left corner and hover your cursor over the rock to move it.

3. Climb down the ladder to the Hidden Lake.

4. Find and click on the candy apple pin.

5. Click ‘Yes’

Congratulations, you have now obtained Club Penguins newest pin!

Mmmmmmm…… This Pin is YUMMY…LOL 🙂

BTW, I am currently changing web hosts! This blog is now at I am going to upgrade to

If you want to know the difference, click HERE.

I will be using a new theme and some new plugins! When the website is published, which should be somewhere between July 03-July 09, I will publish  a link here. Don’t worry, this blog won’t get deleted!

Anyways, the first few months of the website will be hosted by Zymic. These first few months will be, as I  call it, the ‘Test Phrase‘ of my site. When I get 1,000,000 views, I will end the test phrase and I will change the blog host once again!



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