Preparations for the Music Jam 2010 + FIREWORKS + UPDATES!!

Posted: July 2, 2010 in News

Hey Penguins!

Looks like Club Penguin has started preparing for the Music Jam earlier! Yup, thats right! Rooms all over the island are Under Construction as the party decorations are being put up!!

Check Out These Rooms (click on them to see them without logging in):


Coffee Shop




Snow Forts


Ski Village

Here are some images (click to view full size):

Anyways, don’t forget to view the Canada Day AND 4th of July Fireworks from the Ski Hill and the Iceberg!

By the way, Club Penguin has released a new log in image advertising the upcoming Music Jam 2010!

This is what it says:

Music Jam July 9 – 18, 2010 🙂

Bands Wanted! DJ’s Wanted! Dancers Wanted! Judges Wanted!

Cool, Huh! I’m absolutely eager to see this years Music Jam!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, there is ANOTHER update!

Along with all the other updates, Club Penguin also updated their membership page. This month members will be able to access the Backstage and a whole new room called “Casa Fiesta”! Take a look:

This is what is says:

It all starts with this badge. It’s your key to all kinds of exclusive items, games, parties and events. Check out what you can access with your badge this month:

  • Get your All Access Pass and party inside exclusive rooms like the new Casa Fiesta and Backstage.
  • Customize your band with instruments and outfits.
  • Upgrade your exclusive EPF gear when you earn Field Ops medals.

Hmmm….. I wonder what this new ‘Casa Fiesta’ room would look like? I think it will be like a Mexican room which has Mexican food! Tell me what you think in a comment!

PS: Casa Fiesta is also the name of a famous Mexican restaurant!


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