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Hello There!!

The much-awaited Music Jam Party 2010 has finally arrived in the Club Penguin island and we here at Club Penguin Database are all here to give you the ULTIMATE PARTY GUIDE!!!!

There are TONS of amazing rooms that the Club Penguin Team really did a good job on, but if I had to pick my most favorite rooms, I would probably have a hard time but eventually come to a result of these rooms:

1. Dock

2. Iceberg

3. Coffee Shop

This party has 3 members-only rooms. They are the Back Stage, Casa Fiesta and the Night Club Rooftop. For all you nonmembers, I have included  the SWF files for

Free Item For Everyone: Blue Head Phones.

To get your first free item, head over to the Cove and then waddle to the big box on your right!

Free Item For Members Only: Boombox (returned)

If your a member you can make your way up to the Nightclub Rooftop to collect your free Boombox!

Free Item For Members Only: Music Jam Shirt

If your a member then all you have to do to get this awesome shirt is buy a VIP pass and then go to the backstage room either from the Dock for the Casa Fiesta room located at the Ski Village.

Also, I found a mistake on the Club Penguin home page; the Ski Hill looks decorated, but in game it isn’t.

Hope you enjoy!